The Palm Leaf is the flagship, literary magazine of KALA UK. The aim of the magazine is to showcase the talents of its members and Malayalis across the world, writing in both Malayalam and English.

The magazine contains a wealth of varied treasure including poetry, short stories, travelogues, intellectual discourse, illustrations and photography. Our members are passionate and enthusiastic contributors and are the lifeblood of the magazine. 

As well as showcasing the exceptional writing abilities of our members, both old and young, we have been blessed to publish the work of writers outside the KALA family - both emerging talents and some of our most respected Malayali writers. 

The current Palm Leaf has its home on www.thepalmleaf.co.uk where you can find the most recent editions. We will also in due course be uploading all our archives. Please visit the site and enjoy the Palm Leaf!

Sangeetha Venugopal
- current editor of the Palm Leaf